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We are able to offer a wide range of energy, heating and water saving options

together with advice on renewable energy alternatives best suited to your

budget and desired running costs.

The construction of all Carlton’s houses is already extremely energy efficient,

with wall insulation values around 15% better than current building regulations.

However a series of Eco-options are available to enhance the sustainability

performance and rating of your new home, saving considerably on heating

costs whilst you enjoy your new home and enhance re-sale values for the future


Enhanced insulation package – reduce your heating bills even further

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery – uses the heat generated in the

house from cooking, showering, radiated heat to assist primary heat source

Solar thermal hot water – Free hot water from the sun, store it, use it

Rainwater harvesting – Collect rainwater from your gutters for your washing

machine, garden, washing your car

Grey water recycling – use waste water from showering, sink waste

etc. to flush your toilets – it saves precious, fresh, clean water and reduces your

water metre charges

Advice on renewable energy generation – anything from

sunlight (photo voltaic) to wind power.

Timber frame construction - is an eco friendly and zero carbon footprint

approach to building because of its sustainable construction material timber.